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One Million Acts of Green at Cattail Cabins and RV Park Inc

At Cattail Cabins and RV Park Inc. we take pride on our environmental track record. All our buildings are built from trees that would have been burned as waste from other peoples projects. One Million Acts of Green describes most of the things we have done in the past decade to recycle other peoples throw-aways to create a restful piece of heaven for our guests.  We are passionate about preserving this land for the next seven generations.

Cattail Campground in Joussard welcomes seasonal people who are willing to plant trees and respect our boreal forest paradise. Our family-oriented campground encourages people to reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible. All of us who choose to visit here are teaching the children respect for our natural world. We talk to our kids about respecting both the lovely land, the delightful water of Lesser Slave Lake. We teach our kids about the need to preserve the natural habitat for both the migratory birds and the wild animals who live around us. Our overnight visitors get to enjoy the fruits of the labour of our caring community

Green Living at Cattail Campgrounds in Joussard, Alberta

Cattail Campground uses solar lights throughout the park to provide light around RVs. The gentle solar night lights allow us to view the beauty of the stars, the moon and the northern lights. Did you know that most people from the city seldom get to view nature’s gorgeous light show? In most of our buildings and Rental RVs we have replaced the lights with environmentally friendly lighting to reduce our power useage.

Cattail Campground uses rain barrels to collect water to use on our annual and perennial plants. We encourage our seasonal people to collect rain water from their awnings to do the same. Some of our seasonal people use only rain water for their household needs!

Cattail Campground attempts to use natural pest control. We use citronella plants around the office and some of our RVs to help keep the bug population away.

We have bat houses for the same purpose. Bats love bugs, so we love bats who only fly during the few hours of darkness! We encourage our seasonals to put up bird houses so we can entice swallows take up residency for their own smorgasbord feast.

Cattail Campground Seasonal people donate some of their outgrown toys and playground equipment for the enjoyment of all our younger guests. Bottles are recycled. The money is used for recreational equipment on our large sandy playground to replace any equipment the children tell us they would like to see.

Green Clean Enviromentally Sensitive Cattail Cabins and RV Park. Inc

Need R & R? Cattail Cabins and RV Park. Inc should work well for most of you! Do you have allergies or asthma and have difficulty staying in most places due to the strong smells? We clean all our facilities with environmentally sensitive products in our attempts to make your visit a healthier one. We are focused on health wellness for our guests. We do have to warn you that dogs are welcome in our facilities!

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